The Story

After decades of experience in the industry and a history of innovation and research of original solutions, Newcast Services tries his hand at a new location, creating the brand Officina 411.
Ten years in the maximum formula car and motorcycle manufacturers, and industrial design, with the goal of integrating the best technology and quality. The philosophy that has always animated our company is represented by the will to make it absolutely unique and unrepeatable every product. From manufacturing to the last detail of our work, we guarantee the originality and the unique production process.
We firmly believe that every time you want to try something new for your future you need to re-interpret differently the infinite experiences that was previously accrued.

The making of Zephirus by Officina 411

Zephirus is available in three models and available in white, black, silver and crude.
Choose your Zephirus and taste the perfection of sound united to the exclusive Italian design.


The flagship of the series Zephirus, that is where the sound resonates better through the sinuous curves shaped by the golden section and the perfection of the Fibonacci sequence. A design that, reaching l'apice harmony of form integrating the two previous models, will make your experience unique and immersive audio. An exceptional piece of art technology, entirely Made in Italy, ready to enhance any environment surrounds you, from the house to the Office.


The right balance between minimalism style of single screw and powerful sound of Trevie. Its harmonious side ports will resonate perfectly to your favorite music, feel the perfect fusion of the latest generation of audio technology and the full sound and deep old gramophone. Owning a duevie Zephirus donate uniqueness to your home or that of a friend, give it signi fi es to donate a piece of prestigious Italian design.


The first model of the family Zephirus, an Italian design reminiscent of the powerful components of high-powered cars. The smallest of the line but also the most versatile; here the sound propagates through the mouth naturally slender, for unrepeatable sound experience for your senses. An object that will add exclusivity to furnishing of your lounge area.


1How can I buy Zephirus?
Zephirus be purchased online via the contact form. Just send a direct communication through the form or write to wecare@zephirus.com to receive all the necessary information.
2What methods of payment online?
To date there are no forms of payment online, Zephirus is available only through facie fi c transfer.
3How soon will I receive?
Zephirus needs 15 days of processing, to be added to the time of delivery through the courier selected.
4How can I customize Zephirus?
You can customize Zephirus engraved with personal phrases, referring directly to our helpline. We will be honored to give maximum support to make it even more unique and exclusive your Zephirus.
5What devices can be connected to Zephirus?
The line Zephirus hosts family Apple devices, like iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 / 5S and iPod Touch last generation.
6How can I be sure that Zephirus is produced entirely in Italy?
The certainty of the product is guaranteed by the professionalism of the company Of fi cina411, based in Italy, he was born from the ideas of its founders, and in most every model Zephirus is attested by certificate of originality with signature autograph inventor and manager of the production process. Each certificate carries within it a special hologram recognition of the "Made in Italy"
7What material is made Zephirus?
We call RapidDream, polymer-based material that layers fi ed "layer by layer" allows you to generate all our needs, which is why we chose the name RapidDream. The structure of each Zephirus is a monolithic element so that its geometry is not deformable.
8It is toxic or flammable?
Each object family Zephirus is not toxic and is not flammable, has no electric or electronic apparatus, so it's safe for any home and not.
9How can I clean my Zephirus?
Cleaning Zephirus be carried out with a micro fi bre cloth and warm water, without rubbing to avoid scratches. The outer surface of Zephirus is delicate and unique, then store it so valuable.
10Can I purchase it as a gift?
Of course, just send an email to wecare@zephirus.com to receive all the information.

You want your Zephirus?

Zephirus is a unique product in the world and currently can only be purchased online. You can customize your Zephirus with your favorite color, your initials or a special dedication. Use the form below to send a request to purchase or simply to request more information about the product. We will happy to help!

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